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Training at Doubletree

Make 2017 the Best Year Yet for You and Your Horse!

At Doubletree we are offering New Year's Special- We have a Winter Tune Up Special Being Offered until March 1st- Cold weather months are a time when most riders have less opportunity to ride their horses, and the time off leaves horses needing a lot off work in the Spring. What if instead, you used the off season to improve you and your horse as a team? What if when the warmer months came, you were both had new skills and training, and were ready to ride. Make your New Year’s resolution to Have a Better Horse, and let us help you make that happen! 550.00 per month covers specialized training; high quality feed program and full board. It also includes free lessons for the rider, and unlimited access to our Indoor Riding Arena. There are only a few openings left at this special price so call today!

About Our Training


Let us turn your horse around!

I can not stress enough how much better your relationship with your horse can be when it has the proper training foundation. Imagine the feeling of interacting with a well mannered horse and climbing into the saddle with no worries, trusting that you are in control of a well trained horse. This makes riding so much more enjoyable. We offer expert training at all different stages, from colt starting to finishing high level show horses. There are lots of people around that "break horses" we have a proven step by step program, with an expert trainer that doesn't just get a horse under saddle but creates a horse that can be your trusted partner in whatever discipline your chose. This opens doors for your riding that you never knew possible.

  • Our training rate of $775 per month always includes:
  • Exceptional daily care and grooming
  • Training five days per week
  • Grass or Alfalfa and Supplements-  four feedings a day
  • Stall cleaning and Fresh Water every day
  • Indoor or Outdoor Stalls available-Lighted stalls available
  • When your horse is in training here that also gives you total access to the most complete equestrian facility between Salt Lake and Denver.
  • There are year round riding options and a helpful staff. Bringing your horse here you can rest easy knowing that they are in very good hands.