"Every day is a great day at Doubletree, Come and have a great day with us!"
"Every day is a great day at Doubletree,Come and have a greatday with us!"

Colorado Mountain Program

Our Mountain Program for the Summer of 2014 is filling up fast, book your place now and be amazed at the development of your horse.

We are very excited about our new Mountain Program.
It is not a secret that horses achieve higher levels of competency when exposed to a varied training routine. Most trainers do one thing over and over again until the horse gets sour. We have re-abilitated horses like this for years by doing things totally different than their specialty. When we came back to that specialty they excelled above their previous levels. We offer traditional "arena training" for reining, cutting, working cow horse, trail, versatility, and family horses.Now we offer training at my Colorado Rocky Mountain Ranch.

The horse starts the training at our Delta facility and as soon as they have a few rides on them we take them to the ranch. We have had the most success with two year olds, but we have had horses in the program that are seasoned finished horses with many years in the show pen that have become sour to the constant repetition. Hunters and Versatility enthusiasts love the program for a season tune up. They can have their horse prepared and not have to worry about doing it themselves with all the other preparations that needs to be done for the trip. Horses are ridden several hours a day rather than the traditional one hour work outs in the arena. In a weeks time they are achieving three to four times the level of expertise they get in the traditional arena workouts. There is a drawback. It means less horses that can be worked because of the time spent on each ride and a four hour trailer ride to get to the ranch and back at weeks end. We have to charge more for the time at the ranch, but it is still a better deal because you get all that extra training. Both training venues incorporate things that can't be done at the other so your horse benefits from the varied number of things they are exposed to. Monthly training fees with one week at the ranch and three weeks at the Delta facility is only $850. You won't believe the horse you get back after going through our program. Monthly sessions available spring through late fall. Call today to get your horse in the Mountain Program!

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What's New

We would like to congratulate Jasper Patrick and Double J Stik on their success during the 2017 show season. Jasper and "Bullwinkle" finished this show season with a 5th in the World and took home the title of AQHA 13 & Under World Champion. This outstanding gelding is sired by Doubletree's own Love A Little Devil!

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