"Every day is a great day at Doubletree, Come and have a great day with us!"
"Every day is a great day at Doubletree,Come and have a greatday with us!"

Doubletree Horse Farms

Every Day is a Great Day at Doubletree, Come and have a Great Day with us!


Love a Little Devil 2012

Welcome to Our New Website

This site is still a Work in Progress, please bear with us as we update and make changes!

Welcome to Doubletree Horse Farms. We have been proudly serving the equine community for over thirty years, helping horses and riders reach their full potential. We have built a facility that offers year round Clinics and Events to reach out to the horse community throughout all four seasons. We are a full service equine facility in beautiful Western Colorado. We proudly stand World Class AQHA Stallions, breed, sell, and train American Quarter Horses to be Working Cowhorses; Cutting Horses, Reining Horses, and Versatility Horses. We pride ourselves in creating working horses that owners can ride and compete on, everywhere from the Show arena to the Trail.

About Us

It's all about life! Everyday is a good day. Here at
Doubletree we love what we do, and we do it very well. Winning the big prize
and hearing the crowd cheer is great, but the best day is spent in the
wilderness on a well trained horse. Doubletree was created out of the love of
horses and they joy they bring to so many people. 

We strive to bring rider and equine athlete together in a
perfect union of horsemanship, enjoying every minute spent together. Its
thrilling turning a cow on the fence, crossing a stream, making a big sliding
stop at the completion of a perfect reining pattern, enjoying a deep breath of
cool mountain air, watching your loop slowly settle over a steers head,
conquering that steep rocky hill, spinning so fast you get dizzy, or the sight
of an eagle floating overhead. These are the moments that emphasize this union
between rider and equine. 

Through our clinics, Versatility Ranch Horse shows,
lessons, breeding, and training, we strive for perfection, discipline, and most
importantly...the gratification you experience through the art of horsemanship.
I don't teach you how to ride, I teach you "The Program by Carl
Wood". I show you how to train your horse and you will then benefit from
becoming a better rider. Our program does not offer you an instant win or
solution, but it does offer you the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime of pleasure
with your horse. 

Come have a good day with us!

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